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St. Mary's Guild

St. Mary's Women's Guild will act to support and empower all parish women in spirituality, leadership and service. Our Guild programs respond with Gospel values to the needs of the Church and society in the modern world. The purpose of St. Mary's Guild is to provide both time and financial resources to support our parish and Milaca area community needs and to foster community involvement. All women of St. Mary's are considered members of St. Mary's Guild. If you have questions about the Guild, please call Janet Norman, president (612-232-5865).

St. Louis Christian Women

The St. Louis Christian Women Organization will act to support all parish women in spirituality, leadership and service.  We will sponsor parish activities to foster community involvement and provide both time and financial resources to support parish, mission and community needs.

Sunday Social at St. Mary's

Members from the congregation volunteer to assist with serving coffee, doughnuts and rolls after the Sunday Mass for Sunday Socials, which are held the first Sunday of each month. Volunteers usually serve one or two Sundays a year. Call St. Mary's (983-3255) if you would like to join this ministry.

Parish Picnic

This is a fun day for the parishes that is looked forward to by all who attend!  It is a wonderful opportunity for parishioners to come together as a parish family.  Generous volunteers help organize family games and food.  All are welcome to join in the fun of the day.  Men, women and youth can help with set-up, games, food, entertainment and clean-up. If you are interested in helping, please call either St. Mary's (983-3255) or St. Louis (294-5460).

Knights of Columbus - Foreston/Milaca Holy Family Council #11856

The Knights are a Catholic fraternal organization dedicated to furthering and defending the Catholic Church in the U.S. by defending life, families, and the poor.  The Knights meet on the fourth Tuesday of the month.

St. Mary's Pastoral Council 

Interests are in parish life, in the Church’s role in society and ways in which our parish should present itself in our own environment, are matters pertaining to the Pastoral Council.  Every registered, confirmed adult member who is in good-standing, practicing and participating in parish life can be a candidate for Pastoral Council.  Moreover, our Confirmation urges us to give ourselves in the service of the Church.  Pastoral Council meets quarterly and members serve a two year term.


Provide us with prayer and activities to promote vocations to the priesthood, religious life and deaconate in our parish.

Volunteer Coordinator

Assists in finding volunteers to help with parish office work, special events and projects.

Assist with Special Events

There are many opportunities throughout the year that the help of our volunteers is essential and very much appreciated, such as the St. Mary's Adult Volunteer Appreciation Supper and Parish Picnic. Please call St. Mary's (983-3255) or St. Louis (294-5460) if you would like more information.

Parish History

Organize newspaper clippings, funeral programs and other information pertaining to the parish and parishioners to keep files for the history of the parish. Please call St. Mary's (983-3255) or St. Louis (294-5460) if you are interested.

St. Mary's Parish Photo Albums

Organize photos of parish events into albums that will be kept for parish history. If you enjoy this creative activity, please call St. Mary's (983-3255).

Online Giving

Online Giving

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